Our team is growing fast!

Our receptionists and secretarial staff are now part of a much larger team. They ensure that all of your appointments are scheduled properly and that everything goes to plan during your visit, as well as handling correspondence for our other colleagues.

Our feel-good team is made up of a trained restauranteur, a cook and confectioner, a hotel management specialist and housekeeping staff. They work together to create a clean and comfortable atmosphere plus good, home-cooked food, and literally give you a helping hand anywhere you need it in our Centre.

Our pre-assessment team consists of two doctor’s assistants and two opticians with additional training in ophthalmology, an orthoptist and our optometrists. Together, they create the basis for decision-making used by our doctors when making their recommendations. Our orthoptist also cares for our younger patients and handles questions on the topic of strabismus (crossed eyes).

Our surgical team consists of surgical nurses, doctor’s assistants, ward nurses and medical technology assistants – all of whom work with the attending surgeons and anaesthetist to ensure your well-being while you are in the operating theatre.

Led by Dr Tim Heuermann, our medical team consists of several senior consultant ophthalmologists, a consultant anaesthetist and a number of assistant doctors with specialisations in ophthalmology. Their combined efforts ensure that you get the best eye care possible – whether you are booked for a complex operation or are attending our practice for a professional opinion.