Our particular expertise in the anterior segment results from the specialised work we have put into mastering the surgical challenges presented by the posterior segment of the eye.Although operations in the anterior segment of the eye – such as cataract surgery, and surgery to lower pressure in the case of glaucoma or corneal transplants – are comparatively simple, the expertise we use to treat you has been gained in all areas of the eye.Unsurprisingly, we perform many operations on the anterior segment of the eye every day. In some cases, which involve the simultaneous treatment of multiple eye conditions, for example (such as cataracts and glaucoma or macular degeneration and glaucoma, etc.), there are multiple sets of problems in the eye that we can address by using combined techniques. Therefore, thanks to our Centre’s comprehensive – and therefore unusual – expertise in all parts of the eye, we can also offer combined surgery, which in many cases means you can avoid multiple operations on one eye.

This comprehensive expertise leads many patients to our doors in cases where cataract surgery may be more difficult than for other patients. Examples include cases where clouding of the lens is very far advanced and has thus become very hard and is now more difficult to remove from the eye, and patients in which the fibres that hold the lens in the eye seem unstable even on an initial examination of the eye, and it is therefore likely that a complication could occur during lens surgery in the posterior segment.For most of the other centres that now carry out cataract surgery, the affected patients must usually be rescheduled for a second eye operation when such complications occur. Such patients are then admitted to hospitals such as ours, who are specialists in treating eye conditions in the posterior segment, or another surgeon must then treat the same eye in a second operation, in order to “finish up” the cataract operation with its associated complications. The reason for this extra effort is simple: the expertise needed to master surgery for the entire eye is not commonly found in a single practice.

Patients with conditions that make standard surgery more difficult are also frequently referred to our Centre. This is necessary in cases where past infections or injuries to the eye have severely altered its normal structures, making the use of highly specialised procedures necessary to install a manmade lens in such a substantially modified eye. Such cases require more than mere surgical skill: they need extensive experience in treating the entire eye to achieve the best-possible result for the patient.

Although advertised on a massive scale, laser cataract operations (“femto laser cataract surgery”) offer precisely zero benefits to the – self-paying(!) – patient if the surgeon is competent.The technique is new and raises many questions in relation to the post-operative effect of the laser on the eye. The procedure also (at least) doubles the length of surgery and is of real assistance in the operation only to inexperienced surgeons – whom patients must also reward handsomely while not reaping any benefits themselves. In our professional opinion, there is no reason for our Centre to offer this pseudo-innovation.We always offer a sensible balance between progress and safety while avoiding unnecessary costs for you and your health insurer. Yet we are ahead of most centres in Germany when it comes to offering real innovations (Surgical news). We are a patient-focused practice and we deploy our medical expertise to your advantage.