Many patients would love to be free of the need to wear glasses. For an ophthalmologist’s perspective, an eye that requires glasses or contact lenses to correct for 100% visual acuity is still a healthy eye. Any surgical intervention in a healthy eye must therefore be conducted with extreme care: even if the risks are today very low, they are still present. If you would like to be able to stop wearing glasses, we can offer you what is in our opinion the best technique currently available, namely an intraocular lens implant.

These implants workmuch like contact lenses, but instead of being placed outside – on the conjunctiva and cornea – are placed inside the eye (intraocular) in front of the natural lens.

These lenses have the major advantage of being removable at any time in the future, thereby restoring the original natural condition of the eye.

Unlike laser-assisted techniques (such as LASIK), intraocular contact lenses (ICLs) are therefore a sophisticated and fully reversible procedure that leaves the healthy eye intact. ICLs can be adjusted to the patient’s personal needs – refractory changes, development of a cataract or (at an advanced age) other eye disorders – and to correct visual deficiencies. We recommend ICLs to all patients seeking a safe, reversible and long-term alternative to wearing glasses. (Visian ICL)

In our opinion, laser-assisted correction of defective vision (LASIK) is not to be recommended for a great many reasons, the most important of which being the irreversible changes it introduces into the cornea. While it is a technically simply procedure, it is not a technique that is offered by our Centre.

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