Despite the advances in modern eye care, we are sometimes unable to offer any treatments that can improve your natural vision. Even here, however, we can still be of help to our patients.

As many studies have shown: over 80% of people who are no longer able to read with their normal glasses because of a disorder affecting the macula – which is required for high-resolution vision – can read again once their glasses have been adjusted! For crossword puzzles, TV, shopping and getting out and about every day, many visual aids and “little helpers” can be used in cases where your normal glasses are no longer sufficient on their own. We can advise on you suitable modern visual aids that make daily life easier and reading less of an effort, and also adjust them to your needs.

The relevant special field of optics is called Low Vision.

Modern visual aids are more than just “magnifying glasses”. A well-stocked low vision dealer can offer far more than the good old handheld magnifying glass, advising you about special functions available for the lenses in your normal glasses and the wide range of electronic products available for various day-to-day activities. And there are a great many products to choose from: electronic magnifying glasses with many configurable functions, telescope systems for use when out and about (for zooming in on bus timetables, for example), speaking clocks and blood pressure monitors and a “Shopping Fox” that can read out in-store prices. Portable screen readers are also now available, which make reading possible even for people with severe impairments to their vision.

specialist dealer in low vision solutions and can also recommend the products that are best suited to your personal needs. Specialist dealers in low vision products are not only experienced in dealing with individual patients’ needs but will often have a wide selection of visual aids available for your to try out in-store.

allowances that you are entitled to from your health insurer.