Our private hospital provides a comprehensive range of expertise covering the diagnosis and treatment – conservative or surgical – of eye conditions, offered by consultant ophthalmologists. This means we can diagnose, assess and treat any eye condition with or without an operation, depending on your personal needs. (Patient information)

We specialise in particular in the complex posterior segment of the eye, consisting primarily of the retina and the macula. This is also the area directly involved in vision and where the necessary anatomical structures are to be found. We diagnose and treat the full spectrum of eye conditions, with a focus on eye surgery and the diagnosis of a need for such surgery.

We also carry out the kinds of advanced diagnosis and treatment now available for any other kind of eye condition (spectrum, surgical spectrum). Our surgical expertisecovers all parts of the eye, not only enabling an assessment of clinical findings but also the many advantages of combined therapy options. Our combined operations are a speciality of our treatment centre. Unlike the multi-stage treatment programmes frequently offered elsewhere, which involve multiple single operations (e.g. cataracts and a retinal disorder or glaucoma and cataracts, etc.), our eye hospital offers the option of treating multiple eye disorders requiring a surgical intervention within a single operation (see also ”
Our 360° eye expertise makes the difference“). We perform all surgical interventions at our centre as outpatient operations. You are also welcome to stay overnight for your operation and enjoy our high standards of patient care.

We work closely with a larger number of ophthalmologists and our opinion is regularly sought on complicated or problematic cases and surgical emergencies (spectrum, surgical spectrum)involving a sudden loss of vision – such as a detached retina or bleeding in the eye – and injuries in adults and children. We have a team to handle these kinds of emergencies alongside our daily operation schedule.

One of our specialisms as a centre focusing on retinal and macular problems is age-related macular degeneration (AMD).Our extensive programme of AMD diagnosis and treatment includes our all-important monitoring service (AMD Monitoring), which we offer our patients as part of our courses of injections.

Most of our efforts are directed towards the competent treatment of eye disorders and the provision of long-term expert advice to our patients. Above all, we care about the health of your eyes and we use this as our starting-point for our eye care, considering your entire personal history and the changing circumstances to which an eye – your eyes – can be exposed. Working from our background of experience in eye disorders affecting senior citizens, we can answer your cosmetic wish to be free of wearing glasses by providing advice that looks beyond the present to offer surgically reversible alternatives (good vision without glasses) to common laser techniques such as Lasik, etc.

Sometimes, necessity and cosmetic benefits can be combined together: as part of the treatment for cataracts, namely the cataract operation we can offer you a range of options for various functional lenses toric, multi-focal, trifocal, toric multi-focal lenses) to replace your own faded lens. The new lens is selected to match your needs to ensure you do not have to wear glasses after the operation.

Whatever the operation – for cataracts, glaucoma, or disorders affecting the cornea, retina or macula – we offer you the most innovative and advanced treatments and surgical techniques, always striving to achieve a state-of-the-art yet prudent end result. “Click here to find out why we advise against (femtosecond) laser cataractsurgery: Our 360° eye expertise makes the difference.”

As a Zeiss Reference Centrewe have the very latest technical equipment at our disposal, guaranteeing the very highest calibre of diagnosis and treatment. Our day surgery centre was constructed to comfortably exceed the guidance issued by the Robert Koch Institute for eye operations. As a class 1 hygiene facility, our centre is an investment in your safety and applies the latest standards in hygiene systems to protect you from surgical complications.

Plenty of free parking on our grounds, a cafeteria with a garden, wheelchair access, comfortable rooms and a welcoming environment round off our eye care programme.

We accept patients from all public and private insurers, and also offer a VIP service. All insurers refund the costs of the treatments and operations we offer, with the usual exception of a number of new treatments (individuelle Gesundheitsleistungen, IGEL) that have not yet been included in the catalogues maintained by German public health insurers. As we have excellent relationships with all health insurers, the vast majority of them will refund costs not only for outpatient cataract operations and injections for age-related macular degeneration but also for outpatient retina operations. Enlarging the spectrum of healthcare now funded by insurers, the first such insurers are starting to add outpatient operations for glaucoma and outpatient corneal transplantations. to their catalogues of funded services. Patients requiring a high degree of discretion (VIPs) may schedule an appointment outside our consultation hours.

Alongside our medical expertise and modern facilities, we also know how important the human angle is for the success of efforts aimed at ensuring good patient health. True to our motto – “IN SAFE AND CARING HANDS” – we have made every effort to put together an especially friendly and well-qualified team. We consider ourselves a patient-focused practice and we try hard to ensure your stay with us is as pleasant as possible. This is why we prioritise working with you to identify the best treatment option available – whether you are our own patient receiving regular care from our centre, need a second opinion or have been referred by your own ophthalmologist. We look forward to your visit!