27. March 2014

Good vision without glasses

SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GLASSES – LENS IMPLANT OPTIONS FOR SAFE, LONG-TERM GOOD VISION Many patients would love to be free of the need to wear glasses. For an ophthalmologist’s perspective, an eye that requires glasses or contact lenses to correct for 100% visual acuity is still a healthy eye. Any surgical intervention in a […]

Macula Monitoring

MACULA MONITORING Early detection of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is important in the differential diagnosis of other illnesses and to identify the point in time at which AMD (again) returns to an acute form, accompanied by permanent damage to the eye – i.e. transitions to “wet” AMD. The clear recommendation and the gold standard in […]

30. January 2014


Patient information downloads Information on medical conditions, their prevention and monitoring can be found here to read online and as downloads. >Altersbedingte Makuladegeneration – Augenärzte in Brandenburg schaffen neue Horizonte >Früherkennung der altersbedingten Makuladegeneration (AMD) >Der Grüne Star >Früherkennung des Grünen Stars (Glaukom) >Optische Messung der Hornhautdicke im Rahmen der Glaukomdiagnostik >Netzhaut-Vorsorgeuntersuchung für Kurzsichtige >Untersuchung […]

21. January 2014


YOUR EYES – OUR KNOW-HOW Our practice was formed with the intention of establishing a one-of-a-kind day surgery: a retina and macula competence centre. Apart from treating patients who seek our advice directly, and whom we see on a regular basis, we also work with a great many GPs, ophthalmologists and internists from other regions […]

Working Together

EXPERTISE AND TRUST, HAND IN HAND We work closely with our ophthalmologist colleagues in clarifying medical issues related to the retina and macula. If you are not a patient at our practice, you will need to bring an appropriate referral form with you from your regular ophthalmologist – with a request either for the further […]

26. November 2013


PATIENT INFORMATION You can visit us as a patient on your own initiative – for a second opinion, for example – and you can also choose us as your regular ophthalmologist. Patients with public health insurance will need to bring a referral form from their GP or ophthalmologist once every quarter. For many of our […]

22. October 2013


CARE WITH FLAIR As the name suggests, day surgery means patients can go home after the operation, i.e. there are no medical reasons for needing to stay overnight. Patients should not be left on their own during the first 24 hours following an outpatient operation, however. If patients have a long journey home ahead of […]


OUR CAFETERIA “JUNGBRUNNEN” You can look forward to a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in our Cafeteria. During your visit or after your operation, you can enjoy a selection of speciality teas and coffees, as well as many little delicacies to pamper body and soul. In summer, our patients are invited to relax on our sheltered […]

Special optics

OPTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR RETINA AND MACULA DISORDERS Despite the advances in modern eye care, we are sometimes unable to offer any treatments that can improve your natural vision. Even here, however, we can still be of help to our patients. As many studies have shown: over 80% of people who are no longer able to […]

7. October 2013

Our Services

IN SAFE AND CARING HANDS We want you to feel safe and well caredfor in our practice. You can rest assured of only the very best medical care at our Centre, and we make every effort to ensure things are as comfortable for you as possible. In safe and caring hands: our promise to you.